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7 used auto parts you don’t have to break the bank when buying. 

You can save a lot of money rather than breaking the bank when buying parts by simply shopping around online or at your local used spare shop for parts. But while some parts can save you money, some can cost you more if you risk buying them second hand. Here are our, auto parts you should buy new.


First off, a vehicle that has a broken or faulty light is not road worthy, so fixing or replacing this part should be at the top of your agenda. Vehicle light parts are easy to find online or at an auto body shop near you and most of these parts you can simply change the bulb of a used light. Most of the time you will find second-hand vehicle lights that are just as good as new. So before you buy one from your OEM, consider buying this part used. 

Bull Bars:

Fitting a bullbar at your car dealership can cost you anything from R5000 to R20 000 depending on your Bakkie type and what type of Bull Bar you need. That is why we highly recommend that you first shop around for a second-hand bull bar, especially at car part shops that specialise in Bakkie type vehicles. 

Wheel Rims

At some point in your life, you will experience the excruciating sound of one of your rims scratching against paving. Or you will admire the rims on some hot shots Ford Ranger, for these occasions, look towards your local scrap yard or used spare parts shop to upgrade or replace the rims on your vehicle. You should be able to find fantastic alloy rims quite easily online or in your near you at a local spares shop. 


Have you ever considered comparing the price between sending your car to the panel beater vs buying a new bumper? A lot of the time you can save money by simply replacing the complete bumper. You can also find great quality used bumpers from stipped vehicles. Similarly, you can also find quality used bonnets for a rebuild or replacement. 


Not generally an auto body spare that you would consider being too expensive until you have to replace it late in the month. A new mirror can cost you up to R1000 so why not save and buy one from an auto spares shop near you. 


If you are someone who can spot a good quality used spare part, we would definitely recommend that you buy a used alternator if you don’t want to rack up a huge repair bill. To be on the safe side try to find a refurbished or rebuilt part rather than one that has been pulled out of a used vehicle.

Interior Parts

Especially when you are looking to resell a vehicle, the interior is quite important. As mentioned before, a lot of scrapped vehicles would have perfectly good condition chairs, steering wheels, gear sticks and just about any other interior used spares part that you can think of. 

And that is the 7 auto parts you should buy used. When it comes to buying parts it can be a tricky business, but as long as you ask for some advice and do a thorough search you should be able to save a lot of money when you buy part used.

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