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5 Great Tips When Searching For Used Spare Parts in Pretoria

Finding car parts for sale in Pretoria has become a tricky business lately, with tons of options from buying online to visiting countless scrap yards or merely choosing whether to buy new or used car parts, all while you as an individual or Workshop have to keep costs at bay, while fixing your Bakkie so that you can continue working or selling the vehicle. If you are looking to buy auto spares for your Bakkie in and around Pretoria keep these tips in mind. 

1. OEM Parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vs Aftermarket Parts.

First off, consider whether you should buy new or used parts for your repair. OEM parts are original parts that are ordered and manufactured by the vehicle brand while aftermarket parts are stripped from the original vehicle or build by non-manufacturers. OEM parts, although much more expensive come with a warranty and you can be sure that it will fit. Keep in mind that in some cases, aftermarket parts can even be better than new parts. 

2. Consider what type of part you are looking for.

Used second hard parts like transmissions, PCM, alternator or even aftermarket or used auto body parts like doors, lights, bumpers or bullbars is a great way to go. Parts that wear out quickly should not be compromised on, these are car parts like belts, wires, and filters. If you feel uncertain about when to compromise be sure to ask for advice from workshop technicians before you buy. 

3. Where to buy in Pretoria and Surrounding areas. 

There are over 20 used car part shops in Pretoria and that is excluding online auto spare shops. Narrow it down before driving around. Visit their website to see what car parts or auto body spares they have available. Ask around, don’t be afraid to reach out to workshops or even other workshops apart from yourself on who they have had great service from. Make sure that you can return a part, sometimes no matter how good you plan something goes wrong and if this happens you want to have a good spares shop to help you out. 

4. Compare Price and Service. 

Now that you have narrowed down your search buy researching for your car parts online as well as utilizing your network make sure that you get a price comparison. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s better to pay a little more at an auto parts shop that you know will support you after the sale has been completed, than one that will cost you valuable time if you need their help. 

Online vs in-shop for your car parts. 

A lot of the time it might feel like it’s better to order online than to waste time by driving to a car parts shop. Very true, if you know your vehicle parts well and you know exactly what you are looking for. For the non-mechanic pro out there, you will save more time by driving to a shop, taking your bakkie part along with you and asking for advice rather than ordering the part online and possibly receiving the wrong part. 

Keep these tips in mind when searching for car parts for sale in Pretoria and you can’t go wrong!